Student profile

The Master is aimed at graduates in agricultural and environmental sciences, geography, biology, pharmacy, chemistry, geology, agricultural engineering, forest engineering, geology or chemistry engineering. It is also offered to graduates having other equivalent qualifications providing basic knowledge of water, soil and land. These degrees require no additional training.


Admission requirements - Access routes

As admission criteria, given the wide range of possibilities in the curricula of applicants, the fulfillment of the prerequisites will be personally evaluated by mentoring, which eventually may advise the applicant who has not completed qualifications outlined in the Student Profile to expand his/her knowledge to better follow the master, according to his resume.


Candidate selection criteria

The items to be assessed will be the adequacy and qualifications of academic records (75%), the availability of full-time (10%), previous professional experience (5%), language (Advanced level English or equivalent, since knowledge of Spanish is necessary, 5%) and computer (user level key management programs and alphanumeric data communication, 5%).

The aspects to be evaluated in previous professional experience are the executive functions of planning and management companies of soil and water (eg irrigation, water treatment, fertilization, or other areas of the Master) or environmental consultancies, and the number of years of experience.